From the Crypt: Pretty Bones

My latest photo shoot for up-and-coming Gothic jewellery company, The Crypt Of Curiosities, featured an elegant pair of earrings.


Silver ribcages dangle under jet black and vermilion Swarovski crystals, with silver teeth hanging further below.



These earrings blur the line between kitsch and elegance, which – in my humble opinion – is what we look for in contemporary Gothic items.



Clare, who is the mad sorceress behind the Crypt Of Curiosities, has mastered the art of the kitsch/elegance balance. This is why her work is becoming popular so quickly. Theres something for everyone in her collection, regardless of which subset of the Gothic subculture takes your fancy.



As one of the Crypt’s sponsored models, I get so excited whenever new jewellery comes my way for photo shoots. I know that I’ll love whatever I receive, and this is coming from someone who’s notoriously picky about accessories.



Each Crypt piece is put together by hand, and is lead and nickel free.

Photographer: Mor Ghermezi (2013)

Model/MUA: Alyson Melody (Yours truly.)

As an aside, the lush lipstick that I’m wearing in this set is Red Hot Red by Besame Cosmetics. I will do a separate review for it, because it’s amazing.


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