Makeup Revolution Lipstick in DEPRAVED: Review & Lip Swatches

Cosmetics nerds have been all a-buzz since Makeup Revolution hit Superdrug shelves here in the UK. The brand offers lipstick, lipgloss, matte liquid lipstick, highlighter, balm + lipstick combos, blush, foundation, concealer, and eyeshadow for peanuts. Fun lipstick for £1? I don’t really need much more encouragement.

I had a mini haul and will definitely do review for each item. This post is all about their lipstick in a rather exciting shade of purple. It’s called Depraved, and I will admit before we go any further that I bought a second tube.

photo 1

Depraved comes in a glossy, black plastic tube, stamped with Makeup Revolution on the side of the cap. It’s light and the cap feels a smidgeon loose, but it hasn’t fallen off in my bag. I would compare it to Revlon lipstick packaging.

See that little window at the end of the cap that shows the colour? Well, that’s actually a mini pot of extra product. It pops off via little latches on the inside of the top of the cap. Nifty noodles.

photo 3

Inside the tube, you’ll find your standard pointy bullet. It smells faintly sweet – not as vanilla as MAC; definitely more sugary. I couldn’t detect any scent after about 10 minutes of wear.

photo 2

The swatches below are on the inside of my wrist. I class my skin tone as neutral. The dominant undertone is olive, but there’s a bit of yellow, too. My Mister says that I look like mint ice cream because I’m so fair and the green olive undertone is so strong. Thanks to the additional yellow, though, warm colours are flattering for me as well as cool colours.

Depraved is a cool lavender that leans slightly pink on me, though it is less pink than MAC’s Violetta, which I have previously reviewed. The first swatch (on the left) is one pass, and the second one is three passes (down, up, down).

photo 4


The consistency is smooth and creamy, so it’s understandable that a single swipe is going to be sheer. Happily, it’s easy to build up opacity.

Lip swatches, applied to bare lips. No primer or liner.

photo 1-2

I wasn’t able to achieve total opacity, but I got pretty close. My natural lip colour comes through a bit in a few areas. I would love to find a suitable lip liner to help give it the boost it needs to be 100% opaque.

photo 2-2

To be fair, that’s pretty darn good for a cheap-as-chips drugstore lipstick. Even high end creamy lipsticks can be hard to build up. And purple lipsticks are notoriously difficult to formulate.

photo 3-2

Colour me impressed. I love it and will definitely be picking up a few other lipsticks to see if they’re as good, or better, than Depraved. Pastel near-perfection for a measly quid! Have any of you tried Makeup Revolution yet? Let me know in the comments!

For those of you who avoid Lime Crime, Depraved is an ethical dupe for Airborne Unicorn.




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