An Outfit Post: The Red & The Black

It may be wholly unsurprising considering my subcultural leanings, but Autumn is my favourite season. The world seems to breathe a sigh of relief as Summer’s heat ebbs. We become reflective, savouring every moment, every crunchy leaf, the smell of woodsmoke in the crisp air reminding us of how much we love hearth and home.

With the onset of this time of coziness comes the need for equally cozy clothing. The weeks that follow the Equinox still resonate with the lesser Sabbat’s satisfying balance wherever we look – the weather being one example. The last of Summer’s warmth can still be felt on some days, adding a bit of balminess to the cooler atmosphere. I love this, because I’m able to wrap up warm without having to be completely bundled, and I usually don’t have to worry about getting wet or dealing with ice. This means my outfit won’t be obscured by a coat (Not that I don’t love my coats, because I do!), and I have a greater choice of footwear.

So! Here’s one of my outfits for this wonderful time of year.




The shoes are my favourite part because of their practicality. They’re by a brand called Melissa, which uses recycled plastic to create cute and comfortable eco-friendly products. As they’re made of plastic, getting caught in some drizzle or having to dance through puddles isn’t a problem.

Red shrug: New Look

Black camisole: H&M

Black chiffon skirt: TopShop

Black tights: Boots

Red ballet flats: Melissa

Jewellery: The Crypt Of Curiosities

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Lipstick Review: MAC Violetta

While on a lipstick mission with a colleague (she’d been aching for a tube of Ruby Woo after ransacking my lipstick collection), we headed into MAC’s store in Covent Garden for what I thought would be a quick wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am operation. She would just grab Ruby Woo, and we’d go, right?


Something shiny and purple caught my eye: It was Violetta! After searching and searching for this lipstick, which was originally released with MAC’s Venomous Villains collection, inspired by glamorous Disney baddies, I really thought I was out of luck in snagging a Violetta for myself.

But, there it was. Before I knew it, I was manically shoving my credit card at the lady behind the till, grinning like an idiot.

So, does Violetta live up to my expectations?


The packaging is what we expect from MAC: simple black box with white text; sleek, heavy bullet shaped case.


Nothing surprising here. But it’s elegant and reliable, which is what we love about MAC.



In the tube, Violetta glitters softly in all its ‘amplified creme’ glory. Even though it’s quite subtle, the picture doesn’t really do it justice. The effect definitely leaves in impression. It isPURPLE, but not a cheap/costume-y/cartoony purple.


Bare lips and bare face. My skin tone is a very fair olive + yellow mix, which can make finding makeup that suits me a bit complicated at times. The foundation I currently use is NW10, but light NC shades work just as well for me. I’m horse of a different colour.


This is what Violetta looks like on me without any lip liner or primer. You can really see the red tones coming through, which is what makes this shade sophisticated enough to wear ‘seriously’. I wouldn’t hesitate to wear it to an interview, business meeting, or – for my personal circumstances as a nurse – on the ward.

Its shimmer is soft, but the effect isn’t frosty. Rather, it makes the lipstick appear changeable, which is intriguing.  Application is effortless thanks to the creamy formula. There’s no drag or pulling at all. The downside to creamy lipsticks is that their wear time is markedly less than their matte counterparts. So you won’t get through a meal without losing some product.

It’s vibrant, striking, and certainly outside the realm of mainstream pinks and nudes. But if you have the confidence (I hope you do!), then Violetta is a great lipstick that can be dressed up or down. I’m looking forward to trying it out with different lip liners.


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